People often don’t realize how stressful planning a wedding can be. Once you start the planning process, it can become overwhelming.

At the end of the day, this is an extremely important day that you have dream’t about for a long time & you want it to be perfect. With that said, below are a few questions that will help you understand the importance of a wedding planner

1. Vision: Do you have a vision & do you know how to bring it together?

2. Administration: Are you comfortable calling vendors for quotations?  Do you have the time to respond to all your emails? Are you able to schedule meetings? Will you remember to meet the payment deadlines?

3. Time: Never forget wedding planning is a full-time job. Are you studying or working, do you have the time to plan your wedding?

4. Knowledge:  Do you have industry knowledge. Do you know who are the best vendors? Do you know which vendors will work best with your vision? Do you know the industry standards, pricing & contracts? Do you know what you are comparing between all your quotations?

5. Organised:  Are you able to be in control of all your planning & stay calm at the same time? Do you know how to create your timeline?

6. On the day: Are you relying on family members to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly or do you want them to enjoy your wedding day with you?

Invest in a wedding planner to get the work done professionally. They will direct you down the right path and help you bring your vision to reality.

A wedding planner saves you money, time & loads of stress. They will plan your wedding from beginning to end or depending on where you require them in your planning process.

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