Being in the industry for years, I have often been asked if a seating plan is necessary and my answer is always a confident YES!  There is no need for individual place cards, but table allocation is a must. This question often comes up when planning Indian weddings, however, it is definitely a must for all weddings.

I understand how time-consuming it is to go through the process of determining which guests to seat together but on the day, this allows for a smooth entrance into the reception area.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the pros and cons.

Without a seating plan:

  • Guests tend to take longer to find a seat
  • Guests start moving chairs to tables to sit with family
  • Couples and families can get split up

 With a seating plan:

  • Order when entering the reception area.
  • If you have 150 guests and more, have two seating plans on the side of the entrance. This will prevent all your guests gathering at one point looking for their names.
  • It allows staff to coordinate a meal service with specific requirements

 You don’t have to spend hours adjusting your seating plan.  Allocate a single day/evening to compile and re-look at it in a few days to finalise😊

 Good luck!