The wedding day is important to both the bridal couple and their families. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure everyone is happy.

Multicultural weddings are exciting to plan. Its fun and you can be so creative by bringing in the two cultures together.

On your wedding day, you are bringing together two families from different cultures and you can personalise your day with both cultures.

Tips to consider when planning a multicultural wedding:

  • Educate yourself and your partner on the two traditions and rituals. Discuss whats important to the both of you and what are the must haves in both religions. Think about how you want to incorporate the traditions into your day.
  • Some couples have two ceremonies and then a reception on the same day or two different days. Decide on the types of ceremonies, Hindu ceremony, Christian ceremony or a Non Denominational ceremony.
  • Have a meeting with both families about the traditions. Let the family know what you as a couple have decided. Most important, be open to family ideas.
  • Be creative with the food. Incorporate both religions here. If you plan to go with a buffet, ensure the waiters know what is being served in detail to explain to guests when questions are asked. Make sure the food is properly marked and indicate the spice levels. If you decide to go with a plated menu, you can create a dish that has both options. Know what to serve and what not to serve on the day. Meat dishes or vegetarian dishes only. What meat is allowed? Is alcohol allowed or not?
  • Most guests have probably not attended a wedding outside their culture so its important to keep them informed and engaged. Have a detailed program explaining the ceremonies and the events of the day.
  • Another element where you can bring the cultures together, is in your first dance. Do a mix of dances and songs. For instance, you can have an English song and then an Indian song. When choosing your song list, ensure the music will be enjoyed by both families.
  • Another great way to bring in the cultures is in your wedding attire. Bring in the colours and traditions in your different outfits.
  • Invitations are also a great start to bring the cultures together. Think about the colours and designs and incorporate this into your wedding invitations. For example, you can incorporate the Scottish (tartan) design into an Indian invitation – that looks amazing!

Plan a wedding to ensure both families are honoured and comfortable throughout the day. Try not to dominate one culture than the other.

Be considerate and compromise throughout the planning process. Both cultures have strengths and weaknesses, embrace the beauty of both and enjoy the union of two cultures. One religion is not better than the other.


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