A wedding can range from R100 000 and upwards. This really depends on the couple’s
choices and number of guests.

A few main factors to keep in mind

1 – Guest numbers
You can spend between R1500- R2000 per person for an average wedding. For high end weddings, you are looking at R2000 and up per person. The higher your numbers, the higher your budget.

2 – Venue
Your venue choice plays a huge role. You may choose a high-end venue. Your venue costs
which usually includes the food and drinks is about 60% of your budget.

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3 – Food
Although there are various food options, you may choose the high-end option which will increase the cost of your wedding.

4 – Bar
Depending on your budget, you have an option to choose from a cash bar, wine and malt or an open bar.
The bar costs increase depending on your bar choices and type of drinks.
Read our blog on bar guidelines.

5 – Décor and Flowers
Are you big on flowers? Have you chosen imported or local flowers? Are the flowers in season? Have you chosen the top range flowers?
Your guest numbers determine the number of tables which also determines the amount of décor and flowers required.

6 – DJ/dance floor
Depending on the number of guests, you need to decide on the size of the dance floor. The larger the dance floor, the more expensive.

7 – Photographer and cinematographer
These are lifetime memories so choose well and be willing to spend on a good photographer and cinematographer.

8 – Accommodation
Are you covering the costs for your guests?

The total of your wedding costs is usually divided by your number of guests. This gives you a clear understanding on the cost per guest at your wedding. Remember for each guest you pay for, a seat, a centrepiece/décor, wedding day stationery, a piece of cake, canapes, a meal, a place on the dance floor, lighting and drinks.

Hope this helped you understand the costs of weddings.
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