1 – Set you budget

  • This is extremely important from the beginning. Avoid disappointments further down the planning when you realise you can’t have all the elements on your wedding day.
  • Your budget will determine the type of wedding you want to plan.
  • Work with the amount you can afford. Avoid taking loans or getting into debt. After your wedding day, it’s time to enjoy your honeymoon instead of worrying about paying back loans.
  • Save and start planning until you can afford the wedding you want to have.
  • If you are working with a planner, be open and honest about your budget. This will help them plan the wedding that you can afford.
  • Are both families contributing or are you paying for your wedding? Have a discussion with the people who are contributing to your wedding.
  • Especially with Hindu weddings, finalise all the events including all the pre-wedding functions like the Nelengu, Sangeet, Haldi, Mehendi night and any other events. Decide on the number of guests at each event.

2- Decide on a date

  • Think about the season you want to get married. Would you like an indoor or outdoor wedding?
  • Are you able to get leave during your wedding or are these the busy times?
  • For Hindu weddings, look at possible dates with your priest.
  • Also try to be flexible with your dates. Sometimes the venue you really like is not available on your chosen date.

3 – Decide on your guest numbers

  • This determines the size of your venue and your budget.
  • Decide on the guest numbers and stick to it. The more guests, the higher your budget.
  • Start with the immediate family/friends and then look at your extended family. Lastly, work colleagues and parents’ friends.
  • Keep in mind for each guest, you will pay for a seat, a meal, a piece of cake, drinks, centrepieces, invitations, menus, lighting and a spot on the dance floor. Its good to add all of these costs and then divide it by your number of guests. You will be amazed as to how quickly you will make a guest list with the most important people in your life.
  • The cost per person gives you a better understanding of the amount you want to spend for your wedding and other aspects of your wedding planning.

4 – Hire a planner

  • Book your planner or coordinator. Depending on your budget, you can book either one to ensure an organised wedding day.
  • A planner or coordinator makes the process less stressful.
  • A wedding generally takes about 200 hours of planning.
  • Do you have a demanding career with no time to plan a wedding?
  • If you do not have the budget, then you can skip this step.

5 – Secure your venue

  • This based on your budget and the number of guests.
  • This cannot be double booked so make sure you pay your deposit as soon as you find your venue.
  • With Hindu weddings, decide on venues for all your pre wedding functions as well.
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6 – Save the dates

  • Send these out about 8-12 months prior to your wedding day.
  • Take into consideration, where your guests are travelling from so that they can plan.
  • Read my save the dates blog post.

7- Book your top vendors

  • Choose whats important to you. The favourite vendors are always booked well in advance.
  • Book your vendors in the order of what is important to you and who cannot be double booked.
  • Book vendors who usually do one wedding a day to ensure you get them for your date.
  • I recommend you book your planner, your photographer and cinematographer.
  • Your wedding is a lifetime memory so choose the best.

8 – Choose your wedding colours

  • I always suggest choosing your one favourite colour and then look at other colours that will compliment your main colour.
  • Look at a colour wheel and see which colours match with your chosen colour.

9 – Decide on your bridal party

  • There are no rules when it comes to your bridal party.
  • Your bridesmaids and groomsmen do not have to be the same number.
  • Choose people who are the closest to you and who will make your day fun.
  • Do not choose bridesmaids who are going to stress you out during the planning process.
  • Most of all choose a team who you can rely on.

10 – Wedding attire

  • This is exciting and fun.
  • Dresses can take about 6-8 months to order, alter and fit.
  • For your trousseaux, plan for your travels if you are going to shop in India.
  • Make a list of the pre functions and plan your attire accordingly.


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