• If you can afford a wedding planner then I suggest you hire one. They will save you time and they will get you exactly what you want.
  • There are a lot of venues out there and this can be really confusing. Book 3 site visits at your top venues and then make a decision. Looking at too many only causes confusion.
  • When looking for a venue, decide what’s important to you.
  • Decide on your date and number of guests before you start looking for a venue. Do you want a ceremony or reception in the gardens or indoors?
  • Your venue choice is based on your budget and the number of guests. The venue is usually about 50% – 60% of your budget. It often includes the venue, staff, food and bar.
  • A venue cannot be double booked so make sure you pay your deposit as soon as your find your venue.
  • Look at the distance between the ceremony area, cocktail and reception areas. This is something to consider especially for the older family and friends. You do not want to wait for guests at the next area of your event or miss any part of your wedding like you cake cutting or even a photo session.
  • Find out exactly what tables and chairs they offer. You might be looking at long/banqueting tables and the venue only has round tables. There will be an additional cost if you have to bring this in.

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This will ensure nothing is overlooked and your guests will be happy on the day.
Make sure all your questions are answered and ask as many questions before you book your dream venue.

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